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Mobile text delivery for people on the move.

Spaced Repetition

Helps short term recall

Builds long term memory

Engaging and fun

“Helping people remember what they learn takes professional development to a whole new level.
I see BookBrainer as a great tool for that.”

Director of Instructional Design
Grand Rapids, MI

How it works

  1. Training manager sets up quiz in BookBrainer web app.
  2. Questions are sent to learner’s phone as text messages.
  3. Learner engages with content and improves retention.
  4. Training manager gets feedback and reports

Key Features

  • Easy setup with full editing control
  • Variable drip delay
  • Imbed hyperlinks in content
  • Tracking and reporting
  • Leaderboard, social media and prizes


  • Helps learners remember important details.
  • Shortens the learning curve for new employees.
  • Increases short term recall by 50% and long term recall by 90%
  • Keeps learners engaged, learning and having fun

Training managers and content owners.

Readers who use BookBrainer:

Improve comprehension and retention.

Pass more tests and certifications.

Perform better in the field.

It’s time to get serious about your investment in learning. With a better retention tool!

  • Easy to use

    Create engaging and fun quiz questions and tips from BookBrainer’s intuitive web interface.

  • Engagement

    Deepen engagement with staff, customers and other audiences.

  • Analytics

    Analyze how learners are engaging with your content and which areas need improvement.

  • Social media

    Leaderboard, prizes and social media sharing are available to keep everyone engaged, learning and having fun.

“I feel like a rock start every time I get a answer right!”

Walt Reynolds, The Trainers Studio

“BookBrainer helps me remember stuff so I don’t have to keep reading it over and over.”

Melissa S. Small Business Consultant

Ready for better Learning Retention?

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